AMFCO was formed in 1996 with an aim to provide specialized ICT solutions and services on a global platform and now has become AMFCO Group of companies. This group includes AMFCO International, AMFCO Systems LLC and Echelon Global Inc. With a team over 150 certified professionals supporting over 400 customers in 13 countries,it has also formed partnerships and alliances in various countries to deliver its solutions efficiently.

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AMFCO Services

AMFCO Delivers Services consistently across the world. This is achieved through the Global Services Operating Architecture, our service delivery platform for monitoring and support, information sharing and flexible reporting. The platform's capabilities allow us to roll out new features, as requested by clients and services teams, with a matter of days.

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AMFCO Solutions

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Why Choose Us?

International Business

AMFCO International Business Services deliver complex multi - geography solutions on your behalf.


AMFCO offers solutions that need business realizing efficiency & delivering for pocket & planet alive.


AMFCO Support and Managed Services offerings are aligned to the framework with Global Service Centers.


AMFCO's consulting team has 17 years of IT infrastructure & service management consulting experience