Our Services


Services consistently across the world. This is achieved through the Global Services Operating Architecture, our service delivery platform for monitoring and support, information sharing and flexible reporting. The platform's capabilities allow us to roll out new features, as requested by clients and services teams, with a matter of days.

    Consulting Service

    Today's IT leaders are under immense pressure to integrate business projects that enable growth while keeping a sharp focus on IT costs. Are you facing the challenge of integrating new technologies seamlessly into your IT environment while also providing the right level of support and management to keep the environment performing optimally at all times? If so, AMFCO's Cosulting Services team can assist by providing strategic architecture operational and implementation expertise to help you to plan better initiatives relation to your IT estate. Through our blended teams of technology and services experts we can help you chart the way forward in a structured and risk-contained manner, considering all interdepencies associated with new IT initiative. Our teams deliver across a spectrum of consulting services including ICT Business, IT Strategy and Governance, IT Optimization and Service Management, Technical Architecture and Technology.


    Project management is a discipline that every IT team need to master. From developing entirely new infrastructures to upgrading legacy networks, you need to be able to coherenty integrate old and new infrastructures while demonstrating the right level of return on investment to your business stake holders
    AMFCO team of professional services expert can assist you alleviate the pressure on your internal resources and mitigate risk associated with your IT projects. We design, implement and manage any project, anywhere in the world, working collaboratively with you to unnderstand your requirements and execute a cost effective outcome.You can look forward to your technology assets arriving at the right time, in the right place, and being swiftly intergrated into your environment, regardless of the geographies in which you operate.


    When it comes to support your IT environment, one size does not fit all. Different parts of your network may require more coverage than others. Perhaps you have a heterogeneous mix of hardware. May be you are looking for a consistent service levels across multiple locations from a single provider. AMFCO has developed a suite of Support Services in response to client needs for multi - geography, multi-vendor support from a single source. Our services include maintenance tasks-delivered to pre agreed service levels-as well as activities that proactively solve IT issues to prevent incidents from occurring. We also perform regular scheduled activities including preventative maintenance and technology reviews in the context of your technology roadmap.

    Managed Services

    As your IT business infrastructure matures, you need to manage the growing convergence between technology layers and the continued complexity of the IT environment. Our Managed Services team focuses on anticipating your requirements not only in terms of response times and service levels, but also through extracting maximum business value from your IT investment.
    By outsourcing your IT infrastructure operations and management to us, you can be rest assured that your infrastructure is under watchful eyes and that any non-conformity will be proactively addressed. Additionally, you will receive comprehensive management reports and recommendations on ways to further accelerate the performance of your IT estate.

    IT Out / Insourcing

    We know that you need solutions that will get the job done, cost-effectively and simply, while delivering a rapid and strong Return on Investment without a large IT department or justification for big expenditures on technology. Tasked with growing your business, you need to free up your internal team's own time to focus on their core competencies. To cope with the ever-growing management burden, more and more businesses are moving from out-tasking discrete Managed and Professional Services to a complete IT Out / Insourcing solutions.
    And why not? AMFCO can help you focus squarely on pursuing your business ambitions by managing diverse technology domains on your behalf. We can effectively troubleshoot problems and manage your network, anywhere, anytime regardless of its size.